eMoney Account & Cards Fees

Service Fee Frequency
eMoney Account (eMA)
Open new account FREE Per request
Monthly service & maintenance FREE Per month
Service Fee Frequency
Load / Reload eMoney Account
Debit or Credit Card1 7% Per transaction
OneCard1 6% Per transaction
PayPal1 7% Per transaction
Bank Transfer2 Varies Per transaction
WesternUnion2 Varies Per transaction
Moneygram2 Varies Per transaction
Rinboo Calling Balance Coming Soon Per transaction
Service Fee Frequency
Virtual Debit Cards (Reloadable)
Debit Card issuance3 FREE Per request
Card Load 10% Per transaction
Card Reload 10% Per transaction
Debit Card to Debit Card transfer Coming Soon Per transaction
Unload Coming Soon Per transaction
Card Renewal Coming Soon Per card
Card Replacement Coming Soon Per card
Delete/Destroy card Coming Soon Per request
Service Fee Frequency
Virtual Gift Cards (Non-Reloadable)
Gift Card issuance3 $1 Per request
Card Load from main eMoney account FREE Per transaction
Card Replacement Coming Soon Per card
Delete/Destroy card Coming Soon Per request
Service Fee Frequency
Online Transaction Fees
Online purchase FREE Per transaction
Online declined transaction FREE Per transaction
Foreign Currency Conversion4 3% Per transaction
1 Payment processor fees, add to it the card loading/reloading fees mentioned under the Virtual Debit Cards (Reloadable) section
2 Depends on method, destination country and currency. Fees are presented in deposit/withdraw section.
3 One-time cost
4 Charged if you pay in other currency than USD
- Reloadable debit cards are valid for two years
- Non-reloadable gift cards are valid for 6 months

Rules & Limits

Type Frequency Limit
Gift Cards
Load amount per card Lifetime [$10 - $150]
Number of Prepaid cards Year [0 - 15]
Type Frequency Limit
Debit Cards
Load amount1 Year [$10 - $150*]
Daily load amount1 Per day [$10 - $150*]
Monthly load amount1 Per month [$10 - $150*]
Balance on card1 Year [$10 - $150*]
1 Varies according to account status. The mentioned values are for users with minimal KYC (i.e. First Name, Last Name, Country of Residence, Mobile #, Date of Birth, Address 1, and Address 2)
* In order to increase maximum loading you need to provide more identification documents. Kindly contact support for more details.